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XM953 Wheel loader

Operating weight:15800kg
Bucket capacity:2.7-3.3m³


XM953 wheel loader

Coaxial flow Amplifying Steering System, low-oil consumption with stable performance ensures flexible operation and high efficiency.

Powerful and reliable 6-cylinder, 4-stroke powerful turbocharged engine with high fuel efficiency.

Double-turbo hydraulic torque converter reduces the gear shifting, facilitates operation

Four-wheel, dual-line caliper disc brake ensures safe and reliable operation.

High dumping height and wider dumping reach is suitable for operation in various working sites.

Integral quenched cutting blade and are used for the bucket to realize high wear and impact resistance times.

Z-form connecting rod has strong breakout force and high raising ability, and enables high operating efficiency.

Ergonomic design for the low-noise and shock-absorbing cab with large space makes more comfortable operation.

Various equipment are optional.


Joystick, Quick coupling, Standard bucket, Rock bucket, Enlarged bucket, Flat sand bucket, log grapple, Grass grapple, Snow blade...