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Guidelines for Service Work

First of all, due diligence system: no responsibility, first service;

First question responsibility system: who accepts, who implements;

Maintenance responsibility system: who serves, who tracks;

Order mode

1. It is suggested that users purchase from Xiamen and Sheng's outlets nearby and enjoy fast service; or adopt mode 2.

2. Written fax to Xiamen Spare Parts Business Department, stating:

A. The type of car used for purchasing accessories, the name of accessories, PDM codes and the quantity required;

B. Shipping mode, receiving address, receiving contact person and telephone number;

C. Invoice related information, mailing address, etc.

3. Payment on arrival and delivery, actual settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges;

Principle of Three Packages of Accessories

1. The warranty period of accessories provided by Xiamen Sheng is three months.

2. The company will not bear the indirect loss caused by the quality problems of spare parts during the quality guarantee period.

3. Relevant quality claims will be inspected by the parts sellers, and the responsibility will be ascertained. The sellers will fill in the "Xiasheng Machinery Parts Quality Information Feedback Form" and fax it to Xiasheng Parts Business Department to draw up the processing plan.

4. No warranty is granted under the following circumstances:

A. Improper assembly, use and maintenance;

B. Auto parts such as door locks, electrical appliances, glass, power machine three filters, etc.

C. Wear-prone parts such as bucket teeth, blades, pins, bushes, brake pads, etc.